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Virtual Chembook from Elmhurst College

Online Virtual General Chemistry Textbook 

Zumdahl Textbook Website

Brown, Lemay and Burston Textbook Website (9th edition) 

Atkins Textbook Website

Learning Objects for General Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin


Other Teacher's AP Chemistry Websites

Mr. Groves' AP Chemistry website

Adrian Dingle's Chemistry Pages

Powerpoints from Mr. Bernardo's Website

Chemistry Study Cards from Chemmybear

Mr. Zahm's AP Chemistry website

Mr. Walker's AP Chemistry website (lots of powerpoint presentations)

Mr. Rapp's Chemistry Help Site

Notes, etc. from Steve Marsden's AP Chemistry page

Some AP Chemistry Resources from Mrs. Alexander's AP Chemistry Website


Interactive Tutorials, Review, etc.

ChemReview.net  Downloadable lessons  and problem solving tutorials  (PDF format)

Chemistry Challenge Problems

AP Chemistry Website for Students--free tutorials, practice tests, etc. at LearnChem.net

RC Links to tutorials, etc.

AP Chemistry Interactive Practice from Sciencegeek.net

Interactive practice quizzes and tutorials from Ohio State  Sorted by topic...really good questions, and instant feedback!

Online Homework Site

Lecture Help Section from Online HW site (gives detailed solutions)

Study Skills

Learning to Learn  Read this article!

Notetaking: The Cornell System  Here's a succinct description of how to take good notes from class (it would also work for taking notes from a book)

Other Useful Sites:

Create a Graph

LabWrite for Students (from NC State)

Online Regression Analysis Calculator (be sure to click on the link for the frames)

Midnight Tutor