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The AP Chemistry exam format will be changing for the May, 2014 exam administration.  The AP Chemistry exam is a three hour and fifteen minute timed exam, consisting of two sections.  Each section is weighted equally--i.e., each portion will determine 50% of the overall grade.

Section 1--Multiple Choice 

Students have 90 minutes to complete 60 multiple choice questions, which cover the entire curriculum.  Each multiple choice question will have 4 possible answers (down from 5 in previous exams), and there will be no "guessing penalty" for incorrect answers--the student score depends only on the number of questions answered correctly in this section.  New for this exam are "question sets" relating to a common data set or information.    Students are not allowed to use calculators during the multiple choice portion of the exam, but students will have access to a periodic table and an equations reference sheet. 

Section 2--Free Response

Starting with the May 2015 exam, students will have 105 minutes to complete 7 open response items.  Experimental design and data analysis, as well as particle-level representations and computation problem solving,  will be distributed throughout this portion of the exam.

Students complete three long response questions (about 20 minutes each) and four short response questions (about 7 minutes each).    The free response questions will include several parts and may cover a range of related topics.  Needless to say, answers should be brief and focused!  Calculators, including most graphing calculators,  may be used in this section.  Students may use the equations reference sheet and periodic table.  The first question is always an equilibrium topic. 

The reactions question will be eliminated as a stand-alone question.

Link:  Keys to Passing the AP Chemistry Exam

        Equation Sheet for the AP Chemistry Exam


The AP chemistry exam will be the first AP exam given, usually the first Monday in May.  The 2015 exam calendar has not yet been released.


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